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A Hard Money Loan is the right choice for rehab funding

Generally big banks don't make rehab loans

A Hard Money lender can provide a rehab loan for buying, fixing and holding the property until it sells. The hard money can also act as a bridge loan.

Traditional loans are slow

A Hard Money Loan's approval process takes about 12-72 hours, and the loan can be closed in 7-21 days.

Traditional lenders limit the funds that are available

Hard Money Loan, owners can jump on deals as they become available, allowing them to expand their business and become more profitable.

Traditional loans are inflexible

There can be multiple reasons why a traditional loan may not be approved, from the inability to verify income to poor credit history but for Hard Money Loans are really flexible.

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Syberloans has established a network of local hard money lenders to get the funds for real estate deals, fix and flips, land and lot development. After you fill out the short, simple loan request form at the top of this page, we will connect you with the best hard money lenders in your area.
You just need a good deal. You don't have to have a property under contract to fill out the loan request form. Once you have filled out the loan request form, we will ask you for the address, the asking prices, the rehab cost, if any, and how you plan to pay off the loan. The more we know about your project the more lenders we can attract to your project. Present a realistic project plan with firm numbers and identify the worst case scenario for your project (the bottom price, the longest timeframe for permits and construction, sale or refinance). Then, Syberloans or one of our lenders will contact you to review your project. If you want to try a different lender, feel free to use our loan request form again.
What is a Hard Money Loan ?

A hard money loan is a short-term financing option used to fund the purchase of an investment property. Hard money loans are generally used by real estate investors for fix-and-flip projects, renovations of rental properties, or simply to facilitate the speedy purchase and transfer of real estate. They give investors flexibility and speed when investing in real estate. Investors typically choose hard money loans for quick pre-approval, quick funding, interest-only payments, and less paperwork.

Hard Money Loans: Ideal for Short-Term Development

The benefits of a hard money loan are the same for the developer who’s just developing into the industry are the same as they are for the lifelong real estate entrepreneur. Determining whether a hard money loan is the right choice for you is a decision based on the nature of your investment, not on the amount of experience you have as a developer.

Finding Hard Money Lenders

To borrow money, you’ll need to get connected with investors. To do so, find out who in your area lends money based on collateral. We at Syberloans connect you with Hard Money Lenders in your area just fill up a simple form

Why should Hard Money Lenders collaborate with Syberloans

With financing, being a big term these days, a client looks for options that offers ease of use and flexible conditions, when talking of hard money loaning facility. Undergoing different options, before deciding the hard money lender is very essential, and a platform where one can review all the options at a single podium can bring a huge relief. With into play, the user can determine all the contact information of all the money lenders in one go, and then make a choice of one. In this article we will primarily talk about the perks of registering on, and what benefits it holds for a hard money lender.

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