Hard Money Lender in Massachusetts

Hard money lenders in Massachusetts can be of great help to finance a real estate project via private hard money loans offered throughout the state including Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield, Worcester, and more. Here, we will talk about the essential points to discuss before acquiring a hard money loan.
A Hard Money Lender Funds both Commercial and Residential Real Estate Loans. Collateral that is considered by Massachusetts private hard money lenders for a commercial real estate property includes industrial space, offices, retail, warehouse, shopping centers, hotels, and more. Private money lenders take the equity in collateral and its property value while considering the quick sale. Direct hard money lenders usually charge an initiation fee of 2% to 4%, rate of interest around 10% to 15% for a time period of 8-24 months.
Hard Money Lender in Massachusetts


For Residential Loans, Private hard money Lenders in MA Fund small apartment buildings or one-four unit residential properties. A lot of real estate investors being unable to qualify for a traditional bank loan due to bad credit, property or income issues seek help from a hard money loan.

Also, hard money lender works with a real estate investor, brokerage companies to organize funding or refinancing loans with challenging circumstances that wouldn’t been possible with a conventional bank loan. Massachusetts hard money lenders offer LTV i.e. loan to value ratio on a residential hard money loan which is up to 90% of the buying price based on the property and borrower specifics. The hard money loan amount may vary from $50K to $25MM with a basic term period of 6 to 24 months. Hard money lender first confirms the borrower’s capability to repay the loan amount, for both commercial and residential hard money loans. As a result, private hard money lenders in Massachusetts are obligated to demand income documentation. The documentation process may not be as rigid as conventional bank loan and the private lender owns some discretion for the hard money loan.

Hard money lending is quite popular among fix & flip property developers as it successfully funds the project without any hassle. Private hard money lenders in Massachusetts support these fix & flip developers finance new prospects by offering quick funding chiefly based on property’s equity. For rehab or fix and flip a property, the hard money loan value may exceed up to 90% of the buying cost and 70% for an After Repair property.

If you are looking for a Hard Money Loan in MA then you are probably searching for a Massachusetts hard money lender that offers instant funding opportunities for both residential and commercial real properties across the state. There are numerous things to consider when acquiring a hard money loan, such as, whether the funder is a direct money lender or not, and more.  Generally, the Best Hard Money Lenders in MA are direct hard money lenders, being able to finance in-house loans quickly. Syberloans.com is a direct platform that offers the long list of private hard money lenders in MA, making it extremely simple to acquire a hard money loan.