Making Real Estate Money in Texas

Making Real Estate Money in Texas (Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Other Cities)

hard money lender, fix & flip, residential, commercial hard money lender, private hard money lenderWhen you think about getting started in real estate, you might be considering getting a real estate license. Getting a license is the first step towards a business goal, right? Well, most real estate transactions do require licenses: real estate agents and brokers, home appraisers, home inspectors, home improvement contractors and so on.

Those licenses protect developers and property owners, helping assure that specialists have the necessary expertise to work on other people’s projects.

But—do you really need a license that just lets you work on projects that other people bring to you? How about structuring your business so you can use other people’s licenses and expertise while shielding yourself from potential liability?

The most lucrative way to make money in real estate is investing in “distressed assets.”  This process, known as “fix and flip,” is done by buying a property that needs renovation, making the improvements and selling it at a higher price based on the increased value your work has provided.

The state of Texas offers many low-cost opportunities, especially in big cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio. The rapid economic development across Texas means that more funds are available for fix and flip investing and more housing is needed!

Now—you’ll need money.  Banks usually shy away from fix and flips, so the easiest way to get capital for buying and fixing your project is a “hard money” loan. A hard money loan for fix and flips helps you spread the risk by using the lenders’ capital instead of your own, and the expertise of professionally licensed contractors.

You’ll usually need a 20% down payment, but there is no minimum credit score requirement and you don’t have to have any type of license to get started or to expand your fix and flip business.

Apply for a hard money loan today and invest in Texas!

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