How to Prepare for Condo Conversion?

Converting the solitary proprietorship of a built asset to distinct sold units, condo or condominium conversions is the next big thing. Converting a SINGLE entitled property into MULTIPLE constructed apartment likes assets, producing individual units, often termed as condominiums. The municipal authority is mandated for the claim. In the article, we will essentially talk about the key factors of condo conversion.

Buying a condominium, rehabilitated from an apartment can be a big turn-off if the buyer is not cautious. As the condo is made from a pre-existing asset, be prepared for COST that comes with it. Early wear and tear is one common problem that is quite common. A nasty shock, of unanticipated repair cost, can be a big shocker. With only the area, surrounded by four walls in a hold, other parts like, swimming pool, playroom, are owned commonly. Becoming sure of the place, with solved queries, is the only way how one should purchase a condominium.

An individual who is planning to go forward with condominium conversion should consider rules: LEGALITIES, DECLARATION, MAPPING, and DELIBERATION. Following every single step, can aid to get the best deal under condominium conversion.


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Every single guideline is addressed by Homeowners Association (HOA). It deals in an enhancement of the ASSET VALUE. The Old Condominium Act, 1992, declares a certificate mandate for the conversion procedure. Not surprisingly, the conversion takes place with sheer value consideration. Major aspects include,

  • Legal procedure is followed after undergoing the pros and cons of the property.
  • Signing a restriction declaration, the bifurcation into condominiums takes place.
  • The governing body is the local court, forwarding the condominium conversion.

Multi lodging apartment, townhomes, and multi-unit rental land are some options for a condominium that can be considered.Under the condo conversion process, a single entity is transformed into individual titles.

  • The next big step, map recording

With every legal document approved, land surveyor expertise, CC& R’s is required for marking the property boundaries, along with its footprint. For the process to be complete, all the landowner, made to sign the agreement.

  • Deliberation as a condominium project

The next step is deliberation of the property, being confirmed condominium project. A unique title being given to every condominium. A statement of affirmation, since every individual holder, proves to be essential for tax exemption. A landowner can use the affirmation as a weapon against tax saving.

  • Holding a percentage of everyone

With an application, a commission, detailing the background is put together. Minimal 24% financial interest is kept for every individual associated. Not surprisingly, proper documentation of the folks holding a license is tracked. Primarily, making sure, that are eligible to keep the hold of property or not.

Condominium conversion, when complete, the owner still owns the land. Though the land will be converted into condominiums, the individual remains the same. It is allotted to different owners, after filing the refinance papers, followed by a discrete mortgage.

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